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The Symposium „DeUTsCH“ will look at the differences, similarities and potential synergies of the Netherlands and Germany with regard to architecture and design. During two panel sessions three Designer and three Architects from each country will discuss the following questions:

Does Design and Architecure align differently in the Netherlands than in Germany? What are the diverse approaches of a designer and an architect? How different or similar are they dealing with material and scale? Where does architecture and design meet?

panel one
Jorre van Ast, Designer ARCO www.jorrevanast.com
Caro Baumann, Architect morePlatz, www.moreplatz.com
Michael Geldmacher, Designer, www.michael-geldmacher.com
Annette Lang, Designer, www.annettelang.de
Kas Oosterhuis, Architect ONL, www.vaa.on
Eline Strijkers, Architect Doepelstrijkers, www.doepelstrijkers.com

panel two
Friederike Daumiller, Designer, www.friederike-daumiller.com
Job Floris, Architect Monadnock, www.monadnock.nl/en/
Peter Haimerl, Architect, www.peterhaimerl.com
Stefan Hanninger, Architect FORMAT ELF, www.formatelf.de
Ineke Hans, Designer, www.inekehans.com
Renny Ramakers, Designer Droog, www.rennyramakers.com


Pinakothek der Moderne
Ernst von Siemens-Auditorium, Barer Straße 40, 80333 München

for more info www.mcbw.de